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Alignment is paramount. We invest alongside our investors and seek differentiated, often countercyclical investment strategies whose partners are aligned with their investors.

Since inception in 1994, Hamilton Miller has raised $4 billion from a sophisticated investor base comprised of pension funds, family offices, funds of funds, hedge fund managers, and other institutional investors. The Principals started investing in hedge funds in 1999 and have the majority of their liquid net worth in managers represented by Hamilton Miller.

The firm's principals think foremost as investors who can provide value to their peers through the identification and diligence of highly differentiated strategies.

Hedge Fund Strategies


We prefer hedge fund managers seeking to generate alpha on both short and long positions in liquid public markets. We believe managers are poorly rewarded for market timing decisions.

The increased correlation among markets over the past few years has obscured the impact from sector and security selection in most hedge fund portfolios. Managers with latitude to take even moderate beta risk must devote a substantial portion of their time predicting outcomes for an ever-widening array of global markets.

We generally seek managers with geographic or sector specialization, and ideally in markets with relatively few competitors. It is imperative that managers possess a repeatable process, a research advantage, and have exhibited success in managing portfolios of long and short positions, with little correlation to equities, fixed income, and commodities.

We have represented managers executing strategies in equities, fixed income, and options markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, with a particular focus on sector-specific managers in U.S. equities.

Ducking the rope to go out of bounds can reward the experienced skier, and occasionally we find intriguing managers in niche markets that possess high barriers to entry and, at times, illiquidity premiums. Such strategies often generate alpha that is difficult to measure, and a higher beta component that can be described as "exotic" due to its often-uncorrelated nature.

HMI prioritizes niche strategies that preserve capital and have asymmetric return profiles, often in corporate and structured credit. Such strategies have usually had a sustainable advantage created by complex structures, illiquid markets, distressed market participants, few competitors, sudden regulatory changes, and/or other market characteristics that reward diligent expert investors.